• Cuckoo – 15 Minutes from Anywhere 2017 – Cheryl Threadgold, Melbourne Observer

“David Kambouris (Dan) completes the cast of first-class actors who do great work in embodying their characters and performing the play convincingly in such close audience proximity … The cast demonstrates impressive ability to switch moods during the play from the comic to tragic. In particular, Luke Mason’s (J) erratic mood swings and Lauren Bailey’s (Mel) delivery of contrasting aspects of her character, deserve special mention.”

“Checkmate … is about obsession and an addiction with checking things. Lauren Bailey catches the audience’s attention within seconds and keeps them laughing but mesmerised the whole time.”

“Both the writers and the actors have done brilliantly here: tone and body language is everything, and the mounting tension between the characters is palpable to the point of awkwardness… Protagonist Eliza struggles at the centre of the play’s colliding worlds in a shrewd portrayal by co-writer Bailey.”

  • This is What it Feels Like – Beth Klein, Melbourne Observer

“Lauren Bailey played the conflicting contradictions and doubt of Eliza with tenacity.”

“In this play every word counts… Olivia manages to break free, if only temporarily, in a musical display of tongue-in-cheek celebration… a thoughtful and heartfelt play where we are left to wonder about the dissatisfaction of the unclosed circle.”

“Cass’ co-writer for the feature production, Lauren Bailey, has helped Adam to create a play vastly different from the shorter vignettes… The Killing Fever is again an exercise in unconventional narrative… and leaves you with a reflective analysis that suggest that, yes, love sometimes can be like that; I don’t know what, but kinda like that, a killing fever maybe—and any show that invokes any kind of reflection is a successful one.”